[GALLERY] BOSOLETTI @ Urban Creatures 2019 – when the visual artist meets the poet

The Argentinian artist Francisco Bosoletti came to Sofia to bring to life the poetry of one of Bulgaria’s most important poets – Nikola Vaptsarov, and turn it into a powerful piece of urban art. This year, Bulgaria celebrates the poet’s 110th anniversary. Vaptsarov left only a few poems but they are outstanding and they have been translated into more than 90 languages.

The choice of the location where the new piece of Bosoletti was born out of the grey wall is not accidental. This building was Nikola Vaptsarov’s the last home and it is now a museum dedicated to his life and work.

Francisco Bosoletti is born in Argentina but currently resides in Napoli, Italy. His monochromatic style is ephemeral yet impactful and touching. He travels around the world and has already carried out an impressive number of art interventions. In 2016, he created a piece on the façade of the Catholic temple “Pio Monte della Misericordia” in Napoli in which the last piece of Caravaggio still stands.

“Faith”, by Nikola Vaptsarov

Here am I – breathing,
and writing my poetry
(my best to it giving).
Life and I glower
across at each other
and with it I struggle
with all my power.

Big thank you to Sofia, Sprite and all our partners for making it possible.

Great respect to Vladimir Gruev FREAX and Nedelcho Hazarbasanov for the great photos.

















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