“Nordic Warrior” – gallery of 38 photos by Vladimir Gruev (FREAX)


[VIDEO] “Nordic Warrior” by Bozko and Urban Creatures in cooperation with Lufthansa Technik Sofia

For the 8th edition of the Urban Creatures project, we decided to present a new and unusual project, which we started in the summer of 2017 after thinking about it for a long time. We have always dreamed of painting an airplane, because they are an indelible part of the urban decor of the part of the ...

[VIDEO] Krzysztof Syruć (Proembrion) for Urban Creatures 2017


[PHOTO GALLERY] Krzysztof Syruć ‘Proembrion’ for URBAN CREATURES 2017

Krzysztof Syruć (Proembrion) for Urban Creatures 2017 42nd secondary school Hadji Dimitar, Sofia, Bulgaria ‘The mural I painted in Sofia shows my image of mathematics of colours I’m studing. This cubic structure with six types of eight colour sequences I called ‘Full Exucubization’. Photos by Valdimir Gruev FREAX Map: https://www.google.bg/maps/@42.7058768,23.34565,18z?hl=en       Tweet

Mathematics of the colors – Krzysztof Syruć for Urban Creatures 2017

Лятото е в разгара си, а ние продължаваме работа по настоящото издание на Urban Creatures 2017. Вече сме готови със следващата си стена, която е дело на един специален за нас артист на едно специално за нас място. За тазгодишното издание поканихме с подкрепата на Полския институт нашия приятел Kшищоф Сируч, който създаде нещо, за ...
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