“Nordic Warrior” – gallery of 38 photos by Vladimir Gruev (FREAX)


[VIDEO] “Nordic Warrior” by Bozko and Urban Creatures in cooperation with Lufthansa Technik Sofia

For the 8th edition of the Urban Creatures project, we decided to present a new and unusual project, which we started in the summer of 2017 after thinking about it for a long time. We have always dreamed of painting an airplane, because they are an indelible part of the urban decor of the part of the ...

MANOMATIC почете последния останал номер на улица „Родина“ в София

MANOMATIC гостува на Подуяне със специална изненада в рамките на Urban Creatures 2018 След миналогодишното гостуване на Krzysztof Syruć и завладяващата стена в 42 СОУ и монументалната творба на NASIMO Memorial, продължаваме и тази година с много изненади и гост-артисти от Европа. Скрита зад високите сиви блокове на Подуяне, храстите и гаражите, се крие улица ...

[VIDEO] Krzysztof Syruć (Proembrion) for Urban Creatures 2017


[PHOTO GALLERY] Krzysztof Syruć ‘Proembrion’ for URBAN CREATURES 2017

Krzysztof Syruć (Proembrion) for Urban Creatures 2017 42nd secondary school Hadji Dimitar, Sofia, Bulgaria ‘The mural I painted in Sofia shows my image of mathematics of colours I’m studing. This cubic structure with six types of eight colour sequences I called ‘Full Exucubization’. Photos by Valdimir Gruev FREAX Map: https://www.google.bg/maps/@42.7058768,23.34565,18z?hl=en       Tweet
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