[GALLERY] BOZKO @ Urban Creatures 2019 – the artist and his battles

BOZKO created a new monumental piece of art in the very center of Sofia, Bulgaria, as a part of the Urban Creatures 2019 project. The famous Bulgarian artist paid a tribute to the Bulgarian National Opera as the new piece is right next to the impressive Opera House.

The artist and his battles are brought to the stage. Is the reality that we are living in distorted? Are the wings of the artist tired? Do the artists receive thorns instead of flowers?

BOZKO is one the most talented and internationally renowned Bulgarian street artists. He has a very specific and distinctive style, with a lot of depth and philosophy. He has created art pieces in France, Netherlands, Belgium, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Italy.

Big thank you to Sofia, Sprite and all our partners for making it possible.

Great respect to Vladimir Gruev FREAX and Ivan Shishiev for the great photos.











































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