Urban Creatures 2016 – NASIMO Interview

NASIMO @ Urban Creatures 2016

NASIMO @ Urban Creatures 2016


Who are you?

Even I can’t suspect who I am really. That is a very complicated philosophical question. For some I am Stanislav, for others – Nassimo, and for others – Kardami.

What kind of person are you according to your closest friends and family?

A person who gives himself out.

Who are Urban Creatures?

For me, Urban Creatures is a cause, a mission. Together with Yassen Geshev, Bozko and the other warriors on the team, we are dedicated to changing the world around us at least a little bit.

Why did you start painting?

I didn’t, it started me.

What’s the wall to you?

A challenge.

What’s the process of painting a wall?

It is so complicated that I personally can’t explain it to myself. Every time is like a first time and every time the sensation is different.

What does the world look like at 30 m above ground?

More precious, more beautiful and larger.

What is the neighborhood like?

Grey and somber.

What would you like the neighborhood to be?

Colorful and cozy.

Where is beauty?

Inside the soul.

Where is ugliness?

In our twisted consciousness.

Where is freedom?

In the harmony with Nature and God.

What does inspiration look like?




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