Magical Reality in the Park

4 light art installations in Vrana Park, Sofia from September 1 to 8

Between September 1 and 8, 2022, Vrana Park will transform again into a magical reality thanks to the artistic light installations of SOFIA LIGHTS ( second edition, part of the Urban Creatures Project. The event is included in the official Cultural Events Calendar of Sofia Municipality. This year visitors will be able to immerse themselves in three new light installations – “Megalith”, “Presence” and “Fireflies”. Due to the huge interest in the “Invisible Threads” installation presented last year during SOFIA LIGHTS’s first edition, it will be exceptionally shown once again during this edition.

For more information please visit the official website of SOFIA LIGHTS –

The starting time of the event in the evenings from September 1 to 8 (including)will be 9:00 PM. The last visitors may enter by midnight, and the installations will go off at 00:30 AM. SOFIA LIGHTS is conceived as an event that will provoke visitors to step out from their daily routine and plunge into a memorable experience engaging all their senses. Installations have no beginning and no end, there is no scenario to follow, so visitors do not need to arrive at 9 PM exactly and can plan their visit for any moment until midnight. Everyone can stroll through the night park with his own tempo and discover the magic in his own way.

SOFIA LIGHTS 2021 – “The Invisible Threads” installation

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