Mathematics of the colors – Krzysztof Syruć for Urban Creatures 2017

Лятото е в разгара си, а ние продължаваме работа по настоящото издание на Urban Creatures 2017. Вече сме готови със следващата си стена, която е дело на един специален за нас артист на едно специално за нас място. За тазгодишното издание поканихме с подкрепата на Полския институт нашия приятел Kшищоф Сируч, който създаде нещо, за ...

MEMORIAL by NASIMO and Urban Creatures

Today we celebrate the beginning of Urban Creatures 2017 and the birthday of Nasimo with our new wall “MEMORIAL”. This is just the start. We are going to create several projects untill the end of the year. Naste happy birthday bro!

Urban Creatures 2016 – BOZKO [VIDEO]

URBAN CREATURES ( ) Direction: Ivan Moskov ( ) D.O.P. Borislav Kamilov ( ) BozKo: ( ) Urban Art Foundation ( ) 17.NOVEMBER.2016 Poduyane district, Sofia, Bulgaria Map of the wall: Map of all walls:

Urban Creatures 2016 – NASIMO Interview

  Who are you? Even I can’t suspect who I am really. That is a very complicated philosophical question. For some I am Stanislav, for others – Nassimo, and for others – Kardami. What kind of person are you according to your closest friends and family? A person who gives himself out. Who are Urban ...

Urban Creatures 2016 – BOZKO Interview

Who are you? Bojidar Simeonov or BOZKO. What kind of person are you according to your closest friends and family? It’s certainly something different than what I perceive myself to be. Who are Urban Creatures? A small group of idealists who try to do what they love and what they think is right. Why did ...
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