Urban Creatures 2016 – BOZKO Interview



Who are you?

Bojidar Simeonov or BOZKO.

What kind of person are you according to your closest friends and family?

It’s certainly something different than what I perceive myself to be.

Who are Urban Creatures?

A small group of idealists who try to do what they love and what they think is right.

Why did you start painting?

Because that’s what I do best.

What is the wall to you?

If a canvas allows you to say something, then the wall is a way to yell it out loud.

What’s the process of painting a wall?

It’s a long, difficult, complicated and extremely satisfying process. Behind it is a whole group of people who constantly fight with tons of problems so that things can appear easy from the side.

What does the world look like at 30 m above ground?

Lonely and calm. If the lift doesn’t shake it would be just like being in the studio.

What’s the neighborhood like?

Grey… like most neighborhoods in Sofia.

What would you like the neighborhood to be?

I wouldn’t say “more beautiful”, but more interesting, perhaps.

Where is beauty?

I don’t know. In searching for it.

Where is ugliness?

In the lack of desire, lack of tolerance and certain other lacks.

Where is freedom?

In your head.

What does inspiration look like?

Like the most ordinary thing you can imagine.



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