ETAM CRU: We trust in people and we do not want to rob them of their imagination

Author: Albena Popova, Polish Institute – Sofia
Date: 28th of June 2013
Location: Sofia, Bulgaria
Event: Urban Creatures –

- How are you?

It’s hard to think of even one of our projects that we have worked on which did not have constant rain for at least two days. If you were wondering who to thank for the weather… well, it’s us. Regardless of that, we managed to finish the project even earlier because we worked calmly without any technical or logistical obstacles.

- Up until now I have not been particularly interested in this kind of art and yet I manage to recognize your style. Your projects seem to have been painted by the same person. How did that happen?

We started working together as students, SAINER’s style was more photo-realistic and mine (BEZT) is more cartoony. We learned how to mix them which happened naturally. It wasn’t working out all that well during the first two years but in the last five years we strive to conceal that two people have worked on  given project.

- When Iasen asked you what kind of background you would like on the building, you replied that you wanted it as is? It seems like that’s your overall way of working? 

Actually yes, in reality there always is a background but the more authentic it is, the more inspiring it is for us. We avoid plain white because you get the sense of a blank page and we don’t want that. That’s why we don’t execute our project ahead of time. Sometimes you have to, but we avoid it. In this case, we did not have a ready project. We saw the place, the wall and then we did it. This is also a part of the thrill; it’s a surprise for us as well and of course, it’s authentic.

- Does your project have a name? 

Yes, Surprise. We purposefully did not create a project related to Bulgarian culture. Diado Dobri is meaningful enough and he’s nearby so we bet on something which is not a part of the daily lives of the people here. Besides, we do not like telling people about the significance of a certain project because it frames the people and that contradicts the art that we create. We want people to find an answer, inspiration, thoughts which will be meaningful and effective for them, not for everybody. We trust in people and we do not want to rob them of their imagination.

Well, and finally, we don’t feel much different; it’s just like Poland, it’s not unfamiliar.





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